New Horizons of SWFL takes pride in its volunteer network of inspiring role models and mentors who work tirelessly to assure that under-resourced students in Southwest Florida walk down the right path. Around four years ago, Pastor Chris Muller of Legacy Life Church joined the family and he is here to stay. 

Pastor Chris presenting the Legacy Life Church key to Ed Marin and Analuna Nanasca.

“There is no job too big, no job too small,” this is what Pastor Chris had to say when asked about his service at New Horizons. His love for education was sown in his heart at a very young age, and it blossomed when he became the father of four incredible kids. As his children grew up, he either led or helped organize every school and extracurricular activity they were involved in. His passion for teaching flourished as he gained experience in the field and had the chance to work with many school ministries both domestically and abroad. 

Pastor Chris partnered with New Horizons in an effort to create a safe environment for children to learn and socialize at his church. During the after-school program, he volunteers as a mentor and counselor for middle and high school students. Coaching and managing the chess team is one of his favorite things to do. He is not afraid to take on a challenge and enjoys working closely with students who need extra support. 

“There is no job too big, no job too small.”

Pastor Chris, Legacy Life Church

Pastor Chris has been helping Romanian education initiatives for years, in addition to his indispensable position as a committed New Horizons volunteer and Lead Pastor. He visits Romania two or three times a year to supervise projects and interact with pupils. When asked about some of the biggest obstacles he has faced throughout his career, Mr. Muller revealed that it is quite challenging to share one’s knowledge with people from a different culture, especially during a time when it feels like older people are no longer relevant to new generations. “That is why we need more organizations like New Horizons,” stated Pastor Chris. 

Pastor Chris sharing during devotional at Super Teens Club.

Pastor Chris finds immense importance in planning for the future. At New Horizons, students have the opportunity to make a plan for their future and are equipped with the tools they need to succeed. Pastor Chris encourages students to start thinking about their future as soon as possible. Living in the now is crucial, but we must never lose sight of the fact that every choice we make today will have an impact on our life tomorrow. New Horizons mission is to empower the youth through tutoring, mentoring and faith-building, and Pastor Chris brings all three to the table. 

About New Horizons of SWFL 

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