Executive Director

Executive Director

Dear Friend,

It means a lot to me that you are here, checking out New Horizons of SWFL. When you meet one of our students, you will see the incredible work that goes on all year round. Students like Lacey (to protect Lacey’s privacy, I am not using her real name). Lacey is a child of migrant parents who moved here for the survival of their family. She came to us scared, struggling in school, feeling alone and speaking very little English. She was someone who, on the surface, seemed like she might always struggle. 

Our wonderful staff and volunteers supported her with lots of encouragement. Lacey received the important tutoring she needed to succeed in school. New Horizons was also able to provide other support services that Lacey needed like backpacks, school supplies, books, shoes and so much more as we work with our faith and community partners. Through consistent support, Lacey not only stabilized, she became a successful high school student who could apply for and receive academic scholarships.

New Horizons of SWFL effectively changes the lives of under-resourced students by providing tutoring, mentoring and character-building programs at our trusted neighborhood clubs. Lacey is just one of hundreds of students and thousands of success stories that we get to experience. We are always looking for people who want to be on our team, whether you want to join a great staff, volunteer as a tutor, be a financial supporter or help us sustain these vital programs through your legacy, we are here to help connect you.

Check out the website and connect with our staff to see how you would like to make a difference in a child’s life. 

With sincere gratitude,


Linda M. Cunning has 30 years serving, leading, or consulting in schools, ministries and nonprofit organizations. Known for her kind nature, Linda has expertise in education, anti-poverty programs, Biblical teachings, donor-philanthropy and organizational leadership. Known for compassionate and inspirational encouragement and vision-casting, yet, she understands research, analytics, processes and procedures and keen eye in organizational structures and systems to problem-solve and build best- practices.

Linda has been a national consultant for nonprofits, providing expertise and support to a variety of organizations. Linda has multiple certifications as well as a Ph.D in educational leadership, a Masters in organizational management and degrees in family-life education and early childhood education.

Linda enjoys spending time with her two adult children.