Jim Yost working with a Super Kid.

Jim Yost had been involved in the education system for several years when he was approached by friends who volunteered at New Horizons of SWFL asking if he wanted to volunteer there and he decided to check it out with his wife. After coming to the afternoon tutoring sessions a couple of times, they concluded that it would be a great opportunity for them to give back their time and talents to the children and youth of Southwest Florida.

According to Yost, the volunteering experience at New Horizons is outstanding and his colleagues can testify to it. He finds his role in helping children and youth learn and succeed is profoundly enjoyable. What truly brings him joy and fulfillment is the opportunity to accompany students throughout their entire educational journey, witnessing their growth and progress firsthand.

Over the course of several years, Yost has been an integral part of the New Horizons team. His journey began as a dedicated mentor to students, later extending to active involvement in various committees. Yost’s unwavering passion for education and the well-being of our youth has left a lasting impact on our organization’s efforts. Today, he holds the esteemed position of treasurer on the Board of Directors, exemplifying his commitment to our mission. Yost’s experience with New Horizons, whether as a volunteer or board member, has been consistently positive, reflecting his deep dedication and invaluable contributions to our cause.

When asked about how he would convince someone that New Horizons is the right choice for them if they were looking to volunteer, his response was: “I think I would do two things. I would give them the business case for our mission, show them what we do, why we do it, and the success that we have, and say you can be part of that. And then two, I would take them to one of our tutoring sessions, show them how it works, see how they can fit in,” and “hopefully both of those would hook them on to being new volunteers,” added Yost.

About New Horizons of SWFL 

New Horizons provides tutoring, mentoring and faith-building programs for more than 500 students annually in Southwest Florida. If you are interested in enrolling your child into one of our 10 trusted neighborhood clubs, call us at 239-948-4146.

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