Terri Pilla working with Super Kids.

After retiring and relocating to Southwest Florida, Terri Pilla embarked on a civic engagement journey that sparked personal growth and a commitment to community service.  “It is wonderful for the soul to help other people,” shared Pilla. Her change from a leisure lifestyle to one focused on giving back showcases her values that are aligned at New Horizons of SWFL. Pilla emphasizes that “children are my passion”, showing her genuine desire to give back to the community and the little ones.

“It’s wonderful for the soul to help other people” 

Terri Pilla, New Horizons Volunteer

Terri Pilla has been an integral part of New Horizons for the past nine years, and is currently serving as the head of development on the Board of Directors. Pilla said there is more to life than pickleball, golf, and playing cards, she devotes her free time to volunteering. Although her role in seeking funding opportunities is challenging, her passion towards the education of youth and children “gives me the strength to do the hard part of the job which is asking for money,” said Pilla. 

In addition to her role as a board member, Pilla’s hands-on volunteering sets her apart and demonstrates her sincere commitment to the students. Her saying “give, but you receive more” reflects her belief that the joy and fulfillment gained far surpass what one may give. This motto isn’t merely a collection of words for Pilla; it serves as a guiding principle that underscores her dedication to fostering reciprocal relationships through volunteering at New Horizons.

About New Horizons of SWFL 

New Horizons provides tutoring, mentoring and faith-building programs for more than 500 students annually in Southwest Florida. If you are interested in enrolling your child into one of our 10 trusted neighborhood clubs, call us at 239-948-4146.

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