Volunteer Spotlight: Terri Pilla

After retiring and relocating to Southwest Florida, Terri Pilla embarked on a civic engagement journey that sparked personal growth and a commitment to community service.  “It is wonderful for the soul to help other people,” shared Pilla. Her change from a leisure lifestyle to one focused on giving back showcases her values that are aligned […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Yost

Jim Yost had been involved in the education system for several years when he was approached by friends who volunteered at New Horizons of SWFL asking if he wanted to volunteer there and he decided to check it out with his wife. After coming to the afternoon tutoring sessions a couple of times, they concluded […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Sheila Wade

Sheila has been a teacher her whole life and she loves it. She taught for nearly 30 years to children of all ages. Once it was time to retire, Sheila didn’t know where to go next. “I prayed to God, you know I love teaching, what else can I do? New Horizons was a real […]

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