3 Siblings Secure Life-Changing Scholarships

The odds of winning a scholarship were about 1 in 8 for a student in a Bachelor’s degree program according to a 2014-2015 study by The National Center for Education Statistics. The odds for the Guerrero family are 2 in 3 and soon to be 100%.  The Dream In 1995 eleven year old Anayeli Maqueda […]

New Horizons Introduces Stations at Super Teens Clubs

Chess has found a new generation of fans. With the recent introduction of stations at Super Teens Club’s, 6-12th grade students (Super Teens) have discovered the classic board game as they explore new interests. Many had never played chess before and now they’re hooked. Keeping students immersed in education just got a new look.  Super […]

Helping Under-Resourced Students & Families Recover from Hurricane Ian in SWFL

In the wake of Hurricane Ian and its devastating impact in South West Florida, our team has been working tirelessly to ensure the under-resourced students and families we serve are safe and have a helping hand while navigating their recovery efforts. Many are still without power, running water or both while others have been relocated […]

Opening the Door to Higher Education

The feeling of helplessness when seeing someone experiencing health complications and being limited in our own abilities to provide aid is something we can all relate to. For Yaneli, she grew up witnessing her grandfather going in and out of surgeries. She marveled at the idea of surgeons being able to help her grandfather by […]

Facing Challenges from Outside of the Box

Do you remember who taught you how to tie your shoes? Did they use a fun story that includes a fuzzy woodland animal to walk you through it? If you were anything like me, it might’ve taken you a couple tries with the instructions being repeated at least twice. Now imagine being taught to tie […]

Parents Once Frustrated, Now Beaming with Pride

Parents want to see their children succeed and will do what it takes to ensure they get the resources they need to do so. When Edwin’s parents faced the familiar frustrations of assisting their child with homework, they wanted better for him. They learned about New Horizons and were eager to enroll him into Super Kids Club (SKC), our K-5th grade after-school programming where students receive homework help, follow a comprehensive online learning program, and are encouraged by staff and volunteers.

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